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>> Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dear Loyal Followers & Friends!

The time has come to move my blog to a more updated program.  I need a blog that I can do more with, track, sell, link, yadadadada -- not to fret, I've imported everything over to the new site! Just think upgrade!

Please change your blogrolls, rss feeders, bookmarks, etc to this new site:

this site will still exist. It just wont have any posts....




2 loves....

>> Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Its easy for me to love things.  I fall in love with people, places, things - rather quickly and without a lot of persuasion - extra points if its shiny or colorful.

Tonight, whilst sitting in bed, wrapped up in my robe, i realize two enduring loves. The smell of coffee and hard copy books.

The first came because I hung out at my fave local roost tonight : Baked & Wired coffee shop (before choir rehersal) and my hair is lightly scented with coffee grounds. Yum. The second because I FINALLY got my last box of books I'd mailed home while I was in Cali over the Christmas break.

 Inside my box were some of my favorite books and empty journals ready to have words penned to them. 

And I was reminded of how I love books. Not ebooks or audiobooks. (while I do recognize they have a place in this world -- Heidi, I still am curious as to the ending of our audio book adventure while driving cross country...I'm excluding that from my comments today) plain old-fashioned bound books.

With those to loves in mind - I bid you a lovely evening.


New Adventure

>> Tuesday, January 11, 2011

hello readers!


Does anyone else feel the same way?

December was a whirl of activity, travel and well, I cant really recall all of December. Then, 2011 announced its arrival quite quickly and loudly.  Much of the last week has been spent in recovery.  My poor roomates have experienced loopy-bird Shannon!

I am pleased to announce, however, that I am no longer feeling so crazy and out of it!

As a result, I will be back to blogging regularly and I am pleased to announce a new portion of my blog.


This is a small daily digest of what I wear each day for a year. Simple, yes? Silly? Perhaps. But, if you're bored, or need a quick pic to pick you up, check out the clothes365 tab and enjoy!

I am also in the process of updating my website (dont be offended little blog, you are just swell). If any of you have an aversion to full-size websites and just prefer these cute little blog-things, dont fret.  I am also in the process of refreshing the third tab on this blog -- Art by Shannon.

Yes, welcome to January.  The time when we over-calculate, over-plan and I personally over-commit to projects!

Seriously though, I am in the process of updating and will have that completed very soon.

Have a sweet Tuesday. And no, I dont have my outfit picked out for today. I'm still in my p.j.'s typing away.....


Busboy's and Back Bra's

>> Monday, January 3, 2011

Yes.  Its the New Year.  Welcome to 2011 my friends! I have a lot to say about the New Year (how I celebrated, what my resolutions are, etc) but this post will be skipping over that in favor of tonights experiences.

I met up with friends Ashley and Heather at Busboys and Poets for an evening of catch-up and open mic poetry.  We were definitely in for a treat. While we enjoyed the courage of most of the poets as well as the intent behind the evening, in the end we felt striped of some innocence -- as our crowd and performers focused on some intense and (at times) graphic topics. Toward the end, our ears had enough and we walked out. 

We decided we needed to sit in a clean room for recovery.

Thankfully we had a great time prior to the open-mic; enjoying excellent food in a great atmosphere. Dont get me wrong, I LOVE this place. And the open-mic I attended last year wasn't the same. Tonight must have been an extra-special treat.

As we were sitting outside of the reading room, we were talking and laughing. Discussing resolutions (my giving up diet coke ---blerg) and our interests in picking up yoga (so to avoid the poor fate of becoming old hunchbacks) at which point Ashley interjects:

"I was reading in the skymall magazine on my flight back to DC and was this close to buying a back bra...."

***major laughter from Heather and I*****

My laughter was only half in jest because I sit on backless stools everyday as I teach computer classes -- only encouraging the onset of early hunchback syndrome.....and I asked again where I might find one of these back bra's....

"Well, I have seen them on amazon too..."

Maybe they have a two-for-one deal? We then roped Heather into this plan and thought we should get some sort of bulk discount...

We will be starting a back-bra collection fund for any interested parties ... no, seriously....

And while this wasn't the winning haiku from the B&P contest earlier tonight, I'm sharing it all the same. Nothing says classic literature like a 5-min-to-compose poem!

New Beginnings:

Its January
twelve months of time to make change
and take the future


Degree's of Separation

>> Friday, December 31, 2010

As usual, its nearing midnight and my mind is very awake. I was editing a photoshoot I recently completed, but then was lured into the wiles of the internet and fell into a lull.

I'm blaming Facebook for my current emotional condition - feeling anxiety over art projects incomplete, yearning for friendships that never included me except by the brush of proximity, a strange vision of being outside the snowglobe when all I have wanted was to be inside…oh, I could go on and on. Silliness. After about 10 minutes on Facebook, these feelings bubble up and build upon each other.  After I shut the whole thing down, I feel better.

and yet, i keep looking at the drama of social networking. Its just a modern-day version of "keeping up with the Jones" except its worse than olden days because now I know everything about the jones, smiths, robinsons and all of THIER neighbors.

I get a serious complex. 

Its this demented reality - intangible and distant. 

I have this great life. I am on a personal pace. I'm pretty happy. Yet, when I get distracted and start looking around at what is going on with all kinds of other people, trouble ensues.

So, Facebook and I are separating. 

I've thought about doing this before, but this time I'm serious. I have way too much to do and I cant afford to get distracted.

So, if you're following this blog, independent of FB, great. If you're here because I told you to come here rather than my FB page. Excellent. Leave a comment. If you're just stumbling upon me, please say hi!


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